Angelic praise

I recently finished Resurrection Angel and I loved it. This sentiment seems to be shared by the few others on Amazon that could get hold of the book. Every time he mentions the location of one for sale, it vanishes just as quickly. Either due to rabid fandom, or rabid curiosity… or both.
I’m a fan of the mystery genre, but I’m usually not a fan of most mysteries and this one had me hooked by page 5. There’s no slow buildup, it reminds me (if I may geek out for a moment) of the Star Trek episode where the ship blows up in the prologue and then the opening credits start and you’re like “WHAT?!” And you simply can’t stop reading, you have to know what happens next.
Even if you don’t like mysteries.. you’ll like this b
ook. If you like a tossed salad of supernatural, sci fi, speculative fiction with a good old fashioned murder mystery (not solved by magic or psychic powers or any of that nonsense) … you’ll LOVE this book.
My copy is packed away, but once I move it will be up for grabs on amazon.. or ebay.. or maybe I’ll find that bookseller that was selling it for $85 and let them buy it from me. 🙂

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