not sure how to feel…

I just turned down a job at/with the White House
Part of that feels kinda cool, since they really wanted me for the job. And I wasn’t cocky about it or anything, it’s just not going to be a good fit since I need a more permanent position than one that possibly ends in 4 months, since the FBI security background check would take about 6 weeks in itself.
I really wanted to tell the recruiter that he was way too aggressive, but I opted not to burn bridges and just told him that it wasn’t the right thing for me and hopefully if my name rises to the top again, it will be for a better-suited position.
Still… THE WHITE HOUSE… Part of me wanted to jump at it. And it turns out that my job would not depend upon who’s going to be president, but how much staffing the next public relations department would need. But still both men on the phone sounded extremely shaky about the job lasting past November, so I don’t feel too bad about saying no.
How in the hell coul
d I turn down a job at the white house! When they came looking for me?! — Ok, ok, I’m done now.

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