poor substitute

… poor substitute …

I have to say that if you’re a friend of mine, or even a once considered friend, and you’re using this journal in lieu of actually talking to me… that’s pretty piss poor. I’m not talking about people who read this to catch up on what’s been going on, but those that barely say 1 word to me for weeks, and then send an IM or an e-mail saying “So I read in your journal that…” It’s pretty annoying, since if they’d been talking to me, they wouldn’t have to read about it. Luckilly, I can only think of 1 or 2 people this refers to, most of my other friends I talk to on a fairly regular basis.

This weekend wasn’t too bad for me, I had a dinner date on Friday which turned into dinner, coffee and a movie (Blade 2, blood blood blood!). Saturday was a pretty sedate day, went out and bought a food processor and made a sweet potato pie. I made some blunders in the preparation of it, but managed to recover and still get a really tasty pie. Not bad for a totally from scratch effort, crust and all. I didn’t end up bowling on Saturday, however I did go on Sunday morning, which was really nice and much cheaper. The weather was better on Sunday anyway. Then I had another dinner date on Sunday evening, which was a nice time.

My ad pulled more responses over the weekend too. It seems that Sunday is a big day for people perusing the personal ads since that’s when the most e-mails came in. I responded to some, and am debating responding to others. Like is it rude not to reply to someone if you don’t feel that you’d be interested? I dunno.

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