Mmm, I love going to bed with a headache.. and waking up with one too!
I knew moving in and getting things turned on would be stressful, but having Verizon reps lie to me is a whole new part of the game. I’m sorry, “misinform me” as the Cardassians would say. First I’m told “sure we can move your service and DSL.” then “Sure we can give you service in both locations for a few days.” then “Your DSL order was cancelled, thank you for calling Verizon. (this was an automated call to me)” then “Oh yeah, Whoo boy, were you given the wrong info, your request for dual service kicked out the DSL order from the system.” and now I’m getting the “Well I show that the line is working, maybe your cordless phone is causing problems, do you have a corded phone?” Why yes, I do. It’s a rotary phone probably older than both of us and heavy enough to smash a watermelon (or human skull).. and IT ISN’T WORKING EITHER!
I’m having that lovely white hot needles of ice feeling just outside both my eyes. And I’m trying to formulate a plan.
* a follow-up to Verizon.. apparently neither call yesterday was documented.. they show no record of a technician coming out today.. they didn’t inform me that there might be a HUGE fee for the tech visit.. and while the two reps yesterday said my line tested fine, the one this morning said “it’s testing trouble” whatever that means. I asked that they forward my regular number to my cell phone. may have had the right idea.

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