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Nothing to Fear But ‘Fear’ Itself

I thought that maybe there was something wrong with my brain that when I saw the commercial for this show, I was immediately sickened and disturbed. Admittedly, agreeing with a newspaper columnist is probably also a sign that I’m getting worse, but I just can’t believe how low TV is trying to sink to get people to watch. And NBC especially, which in my earlier years was the ONLY network out of the big 3 that I would watch.

Things like this make me feel more and more disjointed from society at large. I guess this is growing up. Networks I used to watch and enjoy, MTV, NBC, FOX, Nickelodeon (ok, I know)… they just kept changing their programming. I’m still one of those that remembers when MTV used to play videos with some predictable kind of schedule. And I’m really getting sick of “housewife television”, those shows – primarily Judge and “talk” shows – that come on when most normal/average people are working. Not that all people at home during the day are housewives/husbands, but still. It’s clear that some of these shows can only appeal to the lowest common denominator. (At least I know if I went to court and the judge berated me for 20 mins *for no reason*, I’d lodge a complaint)

My TV rarely leaves Sci-Fi channel or FoodTV these days, and there are times when I wish I could buy my cable by the channel, and not a bunch that the cable people pre-select at once. As Edina says “I don’t want more choices, I just want nicer things!”

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