Mayer morning…

The combination of Why Georgia and My Stupid Mouth work SO well for me..
The kind of morning that lasts all afternoon…
It’s raining buckets and then some outside near the waterfront, not so much near my house thankfully so I came in with dry shoes. I’m wearing my favorite shirt today so my fashionista superpowers are at their peak.
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We got a memo sent at 4:30 on Wednesday to tell us that jeans and athletic shoes are never appropriate business attire here at the office. Of course quite a few of us didn’t get the memo.. and I’ve heard “Didn’t you get the memo,” so far about 10 times this morning. I expect I may hear it many more times, though I’ve threatened that if I hear it again, someone
‘s getting hurt. By no means do we dress DOWN on Fridays, though some of the network guys do take it to some extreme levels. I guess I’ll just start buying more Dockers slacks, I mean hell, I don’t make enough to dry clean everything that often, sheesh.
Gin and Tonics go very well with General Tso’s chicken and Wonton soup. I ordered the food from Mr. Chen’s Organic Chinese Cuisine. DELICIOUS.. and resolving my usual anxieties about calling up Chinese/Szechuan/Thai places on the phone as sometimes the order gets a little muddled.. They allow online ordering, and they’re not too far away, so the food arrived before I expected it.
I got my SoundBridge too, so last night was enjoyed by listening to Verve jazz in the living room while having dinner, then a break for Law & Order until I realized it was an episode I’ve seen about a million (estimate may be off a bit) times, so it was back to jazz and then some Jill Scott. The SoundBridge was about the EASIEST install I’ve ever seen. I plugged it in, connected the audio to my stereo and put the wireless card in and it was already connected to my home network before I could get back up from finding the outlet. The only limitation right now is that I ha
ve to have iTunes running when I use it, but I’m willing to bet that someone is going to find a way around even that. The best part is that I can stream internet radio, and get radio stations that I can’t really get through my stereo. NPR in the morning before work is very nice when it’s not all staticky.
All in all, a very nice day off.

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