I want to be doing something with someone

Ms. Violet (aka Desperately Seeking Her Hairdresser) just called and we had a nice chat. She helped shine a little light on what’s been up with my brain lately. She’s thinking there’s a reverse seasonal affective thing happening. I’ve been restless lately, desperately in need of something to do most evenings. I was glad to have asked C to dinner and for bowling last night. I was hoping that my book would last a little longer this evening, but I managed to finish it on my lunch break.

But basically my body may be tired, but my brain sees that its still daylight outside, waning perhaps, but still daylight, so I want to DO something.. anything.. but then I know that it will get late and I’ll tire out.

Moreso, I want to be doing something with someone. I guess going on a date is a bit like a drug, you peak, then have to come down off of it. It’s not the same as going out with one’s friends. Perhaps its just another way of saying I feel a little lonely.

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