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I was in Georgetown two nights in a row! Considering I nearly never go to Georgetown, just through it, this is pretty impressive. Even more impressive was that I was having a good time each night. Usually Georgetown is a place full of clothes that I can’t afford, or that I can afford but don’t fit (tall people discrimination), and I’m not really much on “window shopping”.
But last night we had a “work function” at a bar in Farragut and I had a few drinks and some nibbles, then I met Jenifer in DuPont and we headed to Georgetown to see a show that her girlfriend’s stuff is in, Anonymous Returns, it was nifty, a lot of submissions but no artist names, so a piece can be purchased but you’ll have no idea who created it until you buy it.
Amazingly enough I didn’t have any booze there, just a Red Bull, and after an appropriate time of getting trampled and bumped into (small gallery), Jenifer and I went to Pizza Paradiso and then I had a glass of wine with dinner. It was an amazingly fun t
ime, Jenifer was getting hit on by the servers (we think) and I was lusting after some cute waiters too, but they didn’t come near enough to talk to us like the women chatting with Jenifer (and me).
I must admit, my protective walls droop a bit when I’m a little lit, but I don’t get hammered all that often unless around people I know. It’s fun getting drunk, just not with alcoholic frequency. I’ll be glad for the quiet evening tonight to ponder my cookie recipes and perhaps watch tv.

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