3 days is never enough

President Hedley IrisLong weekends are never long enough. I want a holiday that rates a full 7 day weekend. One for every type of service industry, so no one’s left out. I’d give up Starbucks and Popeye’s for a week and cook my own stuff.. gladly.

The weekend was pretty good actually, Friday night was.. hmm at the moment I can’t recall doing anything spectacular on Friday, so it must have been a night in. I’ve been using Skype and chatting with Al while playing Diablo 2, so that can easily take the “default” plan for an evening. Actually that IS what I did on Friday, I was just happy to start the weekend, made a nice dinner of steak and rice and veggies and had a bit of wine while slaying demons. If anyone’s still playing this game and wants to connect sometime, let me know. (My brain’s still catching up with the week)

Saturday I enjoyed Saturday Afternoon Margaritas with ES and his pals at Alero, 4 of us made it through 4 pitchers of margaritas… oy vey. From there we had the bright idea of not going to eat or home to rest, but out for.. MORE DRINKS. We went to Halo and enjoyed their happy hour (2 for 1 drinks) to the tune of two cosmos. Hammered. After making it home on the bus (a ride which I can’t really recall aside from not having to wait very long to get on the bus), I got online and chatted for a bit with friends that all told me to drink water and take it easy and go to bed. I even got a text message of concern from Will.

Sunday morning I was feeling just fine thanks to having gone to bed at 10 the previous night with proper precautions (that.. and having completely rid myself of my stomach contents as well). Jenifer was online and she’d been sick the past week and stuck in the house, so she was more than happy to get out and about for breakfast and shopping. For the most part, I stuck to grocery shopping, though I did stop at Barnes and Noble and pick up a Moleskine notebook, so I can join the new hipster wave of PDAs and a writing journal to encourage myself to keep more thoughts on paper. The evening was very tame, played more Diablo 2, made some yogurt cheese, watched TV and started pimping out my Mac. I’m finding new little apps here and there to reduce desktop clutter and I’m starting to realize that if I can streamline my mac little by little, I can put off buying a Mac Mini until I can really afford it, or save up for it, even with the gov’t discount. Both my mac and pc are running from a single keyboard and mouse, which is fabulous, the key combo to switch them is a little weird but I think I can change that.

duckpin bowling balls via flickrMonday was even slower than Sunday night, mostly cleaned up, organized the kitchen, made a bit more yogurt cheese, made Kool-Aid (I was feeling old school), gave myself a haircut – which I realize, once you give up your car, the way to make sure that it rains is to get a haircut. Watched some Eddie in the afternoon and scanned in recipes from old magazine cut outs to text. I’m trying to find a good recipe application for either PC or Mac or something that can export to either, I found a cute one for Mac called Connoisseur but the interface for entering new recipes is a bit clunky on a slower Mac. This company does GOOD apps though, I love their Netflix application and their iTunes one is intriguing, even though I don’t listen to music straight from the Mac all that often anymore. That night was bowling which I did ok for, it was a pretty crappy performance for me, and we lost 2 of our games by narrow margins (15 pins, 2 pins), but it was against a good team and we did have fun bowling them. Thankfully the points we earned will take us out of last place.

Now I’m at the office, just finished off my cereal and trying to decide how much I should clean up my area and whether I want to move into a cube that just opened up, it would be across from my manager, but that’s hardly a concern for me, he’s cool.

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  1. Jeremy Higgs says:


    I’m one of the developers of Connoisseur, from The Little App Factory. I noticed you mentioned that “the interface for entering new recipes is a bit clunky”… We’re currently working on a new release (1.1) of Connoisseur (in beta testing) that cleans up the interface a lot and makes entering recipes much, much easier!

    There’s also a new feature (shhh…) which will allow you to import recipes in a snap.

    I hope you’ll consider trying out the new version when it is released in a week or two!

    Alternatively, if you feel you have the time and motivation, you may like to sign up for the beta program. (Just mention that I suggested you sign up…) We’d love to hear any other comments you have on the app.



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