The Quiznos Quest for Nutrimat Data

I just had lunch at Quiznos Subs and got a salad, nothing terribly special, chicken, parmesan, asiago and Romano cheese warmed and melted, atop a standard salad with cherry tomatoes. But as I’m eating it, having gotten it for the health value, I’m thinking.. wow, this doesn’t seem very healthy at all. So I go to the website, hoping for the standard Nutritional Information link, and there’s… nothing.

So I write them a letter saying how I’m trying to watch my intake and health and that the information would be appreciated. I get back the following:

I appreciate your interest in our menu here at Quizno’s. I would like to point out that there is a list of selected sandwiches available on the website. The others are still being changed due to vendor changes and the data is not available as of yet. Please keep checking back for more information at .


Quizno’s Customer Service Department

Ignoring the fact that the Department refers to themselves as I, I go to the website and look, and there IS a link, through the Menu that says Nutrition and Carbohydrate Information (since, you don’t really need to worry about calories, just carbs). And lo & behold, 3 whole sandwiches listed. So I pen a response to the oh so helpful letter I got:

Thank you for the quick reply.

I didn’t realize that there were links available through the Menu link. However on the page: I see 3 items listed, out of a menu of approx 45 items. After checking with a co-worker, apparently these are the same listings that have been on your website for months.

Just how long do you expect that it will take to put data together for items you consider “signature recipes” or even the salads? The “Contact us regarding nutrition information” link isn’t helpful if it produces the same type of response I initially received.

I appreciate the prompt reply, but I don’t mind waiting longer than a few seconds if it means that you’ll actually have a response instead of what seems like a canned message.


And after a few more moments (they did respond very quickly, I’ll admit), I get this:

The only nutritional information available is what is listed on our website currently.

Thank You,
Quiznos Sub Guest Relations

At least it didn’t seem canned, but still just as unsatisfying. I love Customer Service/Care/Guest Relations, etc, departments that you have to break down to get an honest answer. I’m considering sending this to a higher level at Quiznos, since I don’t feel like I got anywhere, and I’d like a better answer as to why there isn’t any info on the site. I’ve been to the restaurant many times and I’m aware of how they do sandwiches, there isn’t an exact amount of certain toppings, but for others, they weigh and measure, so at the least give a rough estimate of the optimal sandwich.

Ah well, gave me something to do for a few mins while lunch settled anyway. 😀

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