While Jenifer and I were having lunch on Saturday, this really nice looking guy came in and sat at a table by himself, he was right in my line of sight and we noticed each other and smiled. Jenifer and I’d finished our meal but were still working on the pitcher of Sangria and just generally talking, and this guy kept looking back over my way and smiling. Then he started playing with his hair, and stroking the back of his neck (sooooo cute) while looking over the menu and fiddling with his phone.

Not that there’s much one can do in that situation, he just arrived, we were leaving, but he was eating alone. So I went home and threw out a craigslist ad in their “missed connections” section. Since, hey, had to do something about it, yeah? As we headed over to the Urban Outfitters, I was jotting down details of the “glance” in my moleskine for later ad-writing. That’s the secret to the glances ad for me, have something to write it down! I never remember enough details later on and it just comes out, “Saw you, um.. there.. you were cute.. call me!”

It’s still weird for me to go to the Chinatown area since part of me thinks I might run into Matthew there. I think about him from time to time and hope that he’s doing well, but I stop short of writing a letter or an e-mail. Not that I think I’m anything impossible to get over, just that some things should be left alone.

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