dolla-dollah bills, yo

I love getting rebate checks in the mail, it’s like free money, since usually whatever you did to redeem them has long since past from your memory. Recently I got checks from buying blank dvds and buying Lindsay‘s wireless network adapter, $40 in toto for spending.. I can’t even recall, but still money back on anything is nice, otherwise I wouldn’t use Mr. Rebates to earn snippets back on most anything else I buy online.

I’m needing them more than ever, too. Some mild financial hardships cropped up this week and I’m having to spread myself a little thin to take care of them. Letters have been sent to credit card companies to advise them of my situation, so I shouldn’t be in too much trouble, but April will be a very austere month for spending money. At least I’ll have to try, but everytime I say, “I’m not spending any money.” I remember that I need new clothes for work, and for casual gear, or that my laundry hamper is falling apart.. I really need to work on a budget.

Otherwise, things are ok, my City of Heroes obsessions knows no limits, though I did get to play online with Alan and his friend out in CA, and I started a new scrapper yesterday afternoon and got him up to level 8 without hating it. I’m more used to the ranged type characters, so a scrapper is interesting since I have to keep track of the guy I’m trying to hit, and sometimes the AI tells them to run away when they’re getting the beat down. Silly to chase someone a few 100’s of game feet away just to make the final blow for experience points.

On the social front, it’s a little slow for me, but I think I need that, hobbling around as I am. It seems like ES and I have cooled to the point of chatting and enjoying that interaction, but I’m not sure dating is in the cards for us, and that’s fine, he’s a good guy and I’m hoping a friendship can come of things, he introduced me to Halo for goodness’ sake and it’s always good to have drinking buddies. BD finally locked me down for dinner and movie plans last night, so we’ll see how that goes this week. I still harbor a slight crush on MG, but the apparent lack of interest is letting that wind down slowly as well.

Otherwise, I’m still waiting for the Spring thaw to be out and about. Hanging out with Jenifer and Will is great, poker nights are fun, but I long for sunny days (sweepin’ the clouds away, etc), cool breezes that I actually look forward to, losing a bit of weight so that small t-shirt that looks great with my chest doesn’t look like crap with my small potbelly.

Bowling last night went well enough, the drama over Jenifer’s removal completely dissolved without incident, as I suspected it might, though we didn’t bowl too well, I tried my best but we just couldn’t get the game up enough. We’ll be firmly in last place now, with only 8 weeks to rise in the ranks, but even so, I doubt we have a shot at the top 10, but I haven’t looked at the numbers potential from us sweeping wins on every night from here on out, or our average of one to two games a night. My knee wasn’t bugging me too much though and I didn’t wear a bandage on it today as I was getting more irritation from the bandage touching the wound when I bent my knee. At home with no bandage, it felt much better and since I’m wearing soft slacks today, I’ll chance it. So long as I can stop tripping on metro escalators… I think I’ll be just fine.

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