Happy Birthday Greg!

I’m 19 mins late now, but Happy Birthday Greg!

I had a pretty great day leading up to his party too, I decided today would be a photo day, so I have a lot of pictures from running around today that I’ll post later tonight or tomorrow.

I went to get my rental car and while I got there at 10 til noon for a noon reservation, the office was packed with people, some of whom had been there over an hour waiting for cars that were promised in 15-30 mins. But I was very laid back and planned my pick up time early enough that it wouldn’t affect anything else I had on for the day. Unfortunately it did take nearly an hour to get my car, but the woman was nice enough to discount my rental and I was off to get Will.

We did shopping in Virginia, as most DC people do and I was determined not to give Greg gift cards, and I found some pretty good items, a shirt and some books and a cd that can’t yet be bought in stores, and all of the items seemed pretty well-received, reassuring myself that I can still give good gifts when I try hard enough. And shopping around with Will was too much fun.

We made the trek out to Vienna for the soiree, and didn’t even get lost. It was a good blending of a few of his circles of friends, and while the party did evolve into the cliques, there was plenty of cross chatter. On the ride home my little inner monologue was gushing a bit at how blessed I feel to have the good friends that I do right now. I’m lucky to have people I can connect with on so many levels. I’m still not too happy about the Peter thing or how it’s put a bit of a strain on my friendship with Rob, but I am assured that the “friendship energy” is not wasted.

I feel a bit worn out now, I was thinking about getting online and playing some CoH, but I dunno, I might just head to bed! 🙂

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