Too hot to…

Fill in the blank, really. It’s just gross. I feel sleepy even though I’m not tired. I still feel hot even though the office is air conditioned. Weather people say we’re 10 degrees above our average and it must be true. These temps aren’t foreign to DC, but they are much earlier than usual. My co-worker asked me what I did over the weekend and it was really hard to remember anything other than the heat. Sunday I mostly slept, I watched a bit of tv and played video games, but mostly sleeping. My building’s a/c is on, but it can only do so much against these temps. I fear looking at my utility bills this summer.

Facebook ad for True

Great ad from Facebook this morning. I wonder if I can start putting in names and addresses from the phone book and checking out which of my neighbors are ‘mos.

It was a good weekend tho, Sunday’s naps aside. I needed some decompression from my week so Friday I did pick up some vittles from the store and had a nice surf n’ turf at home before it was time to be shocked and awed by Battlestar Galactica. With some input from Chris, I got started on some really yummy tzatziki which I finished up on Saturday. I added a little too much garlic, but it gave it a nice hot snap at the end of each dollop. I braved the heat, for brief moments, heading up to Kyle’s place to watch Portugal vs Turkey in the UEFA Euro 2008. A good match, and some quite good eye candy as well. We headed out and joined up with more of The Group for dinner at Annie’s and then drinks at Halo.

Annie’s has undergone a Pottery Barn-esque renovation, they upscale’d a bit, though the website doesn’t seem to mention the 17th St location at all. Some of their entrees went up in price, but after looking at the whole menu, it was roughly the same. The upstairs area, which used to be for smokers has been even more tarted up, with a different menu. It looks like more of an after-hours lounge spot. People who haven’t been there in ages will be very surprised. I was surprised because there was really no need for the renovation. They aren’t hurting for customers at all, ever. But I suppose if there are plans to raise their prices on food, due to greed or need, it does help if the atmosphere matches.

Halo was Halo. It really used to be my favorite place to have a drink, but it’s changed and not for the better. What was a chilled out NYC style lounge has fallen prey to too loud, too crowded, too expensive. It hasn’t reached the point where you’re waiting up to 15 minutes to order your drink, but if we’d stayed any later, I’m sure it would have gotten there.

The conclusion to the Doctor Who 2-parter was excellent, The Venture Bros. was hilarious and I can’t wait for the second Futurama movie to hit the shelves later this month. With the heat, I’m happy to rent and view movies online, so I have no plans to make it out to see “Kung Fu Panda” anytime soon, but it’s on my list.

Sweaty Monday, all! 😳

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  1. Michael says:

    Yeah, I loved that DW episode. It’s hot as hell out here, too. I hates it!

    Incidentally, did you know Champions MUSH is STILL there? I’d thought it would have died eons ago!

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