ok i’ll hush now

I just ordered my Mac mini, as I’d planned to do with my tax refund. I’ll shut up about it now.. really.

But about ebay… while I love them to death, they really need to work on their feedback system. Rather, the idiot sellers need to work on themselves. There’s this lot of feedback extortion happening where the seller won’t leave feedback for a transaction until the buyer leaves positive feedback for the same transaction. This has always bugged me in that…

Buyer: Here’s my payment.
Seller: Thanks for your payment, I’m shipping your item. [at this point, one would think positive feedback from the seller to the buyer would be left, but oh no] When I see positive feedback from you, I’ll leave you the same.
Buyer: But I paid you. Why wouldn’t you leave positive feedback now? Are you unsatisfied with my money?

Because the intarweb is full of fragile egos and spiteful people, I’ve never actually made this point to a seller for fear that they won’t ship my item, or will take a hammer to it before they do. But it seems pretty screwed up. And the implication is that if a seller doesn’t like what they see, they’ll reciprocate with poor feedback. Damn grade grubbers.

And damnit, I seem to torn a hole through the ELBOW of my dress shirt, in my favorite color blue. Damn, damn, damn it to hell, crap, crap, damn, damn, damn!

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  1. Josh says:

    is your mini coming with tiger preinstalled or as an update disk thrown into the box?

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