I’ve said it before…

Yes.. I hate FedEx.. I hope that someday delivery companies will realize their duty is to deliver packages, not just drive around with them for a few hours.

I wrote a letter to them about my recent Mac mini delivery, which I still haven’t gotten, due to the somewhat bent and pissy nature of it, I’m hiding it behind a click. 😛

I’m very upset in FedEx’s handling of my package delivery. Normally one would not complain that a delivery was made before the shipping estimate given, however I live in Washington DC in an apartment building with no desk staff. So when FedEx tells me they will deliver on a given date, I need to take time off from work to sign for the delivery.

On April 23, your site reflected an estimated date of 4/27 by 10:30am for this package. I had made arrangements to be home for it.

On April 25, today, the site reported the package out for delivery with an estimate of 4/25 by 10:30am (delivery attempt at 10:11a). Then another estimate of 4/25 by 4:30pm (delivery attempt at 12:54p).

I called at 1pm, was on hold for 10 minutes, then told to call back in 10 minutes as the representative couldn’t access shipping information. The website was now reporting an estimate of 4/26 by 4:30pm. I called back at 1:25p and was on hold for 5 more minutes and reached a representative that, while being “sympathetic” to my situation, was totally unable to do anything about it. He could not confirm that any requests (a reattempt on 4/25 or an earlier estimate on 4/26) could be carried out.

As I said, I live in Washington DC, and my situation is not uncommon among residents here, renters and homeowners alike. I don’t have a car and your office isn’t easily reachable by public transportation, so when a delivery estimate from FedEx changes on a daily basis, it’s very difficult to plan ahead and one feels almost held hostage never knowing when the delivery truck will arrive. This is perhaps the third or fourth delivery from a company that I’ve had to take time off of work to receive because your location for DC is inconvenient.

Why is it that FedEx can’t use more convenient locations to leave packages for pickup? (I had to hear the Kinkos ad about 20 times while on hold) There are FedEx *shipping* locations that are easy to get to on foot for DC workers and residents. FedEx isn’t the only delivery company with this problem in the DC area, as I have been through this with others as well.

As the phone representative said there was nothing he could do and there was no one that I could talk to to try and resolve this problem, I doubt that e-mailing will help. What I would like is a confirmed window of delivery for my package, preferably one that does not consist of “All Day” (delivery by 4:30pm?) But I would appreciate and be satisfied with a response as to what I can do in future to ensure that a customer will know when he or she has to be home to receive a package from a shipper. Without having something shipped to work, without having to ask a neighbor/spouse/etc to stay at home for them, without needing a car to drive to your location to pick it up after hours assuming one can even make it to your office before they close.

Does FedEx enjoy being seen as a “crap shoot” in this area as to whether you can reliably deliver a package from person and point A to person and point B?

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