caught the shutter bug

Last night I played around with a fun program, it connected my digital camera directly to my PC, bypassing the memory card altogether, and gave me complete control over the camera settings from the keyboard. That’s not such a big deal in itself, but some features are a live shutter preview and a time lapse feature, making it MUCH easier to take self-pics. I took a few last night as well as some… artistic ones, a friend approved of them. It would also be fun to use if I ever did a stop motion animation type thing, since the camera’s locked. I didn’t have to hold the button down to capture photos one after the other, I just told it to take 10 photos, 15 seconds apart and threw out the ones I didn’t like. Much fun, and it saves me having to find someone else in those moments when I need new pics, and I’m not in the mood to hold the camera at arm’s length or press the self-timer and run around to get in place, or take a photo in the mirror (*ugh*).

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