reading is fund-a-mental…

Felt sick yesterday, somewhat due to the previous evening’s events, which will be recapped later.

Interesting reads in the post this morning:

Rapper in rehab.. that’s a shocker. Another young fresh-faced, I’m a good boy rapper trying to put a stop to homophobia.. that’ll last until the record sales go down. And a little support for Dove’s ‘real women’ ad campaign, which I really enjoy, but I’m seeing a little too much on the sides of buses. I’ve always had issues with bus ads that cause people to really look at them, since they are much more likely to grab the attention of drivers moving at the same speed as the bus, instead of people on the street. I’m still a little skeeved out by Dove’s 7-day underarm commercials as well, it seems to set a dangerous precedent towards “everyone does it so why not show it?” ads. I’m still happy seeing big toothy and clean fake-looking dentures in an efferdent commercial and they can continue to use clever cartoon imagery to sell stool softeners, thanks.

Perhaps more coherent thoughts after the espresso hits the brain.

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