it’s the little things

Most of the time my “Web Development” gig consists of reading bad HTML and making it good HTML according to our standards. It’s hardly development in any sense of the word, but it is a job worth doing. Well yesterday I got a project that had been sitting around for a while for one of the state divisions with a lot of changes, including some for graphic button rollovers. For anyone that hasn’t a clue what I’m talking about, they wanted us to make changes to the text on pictures. Pictures that we don’t have the originals of and that they likely don’t have the originals of either. So it would have been a tiny headache for our graphics person to do this. So I said, why don’t I just use CSS to make their menu text but *look* like rollovers? The manager agreed and then I was sorta on my own to figure it out. Well thanks to some stuff from the previous graphics/css guru on the job, I was able to cobble together something that looks almost exactly like what they had and will be much easier to edit in the future. I even used a Color Contrast checker to make sure that the colors didn’t clash too much for web-color-safety. And this makes me happy.

It’s the little things, indeed. Also my Tiger dvd arrived today, Apple sent my upgrade out, get this.. Media Mail but with Delivery Confirmation… I’m lucky I got it this year. So tonight I may be installing Tiger (any advice/warnings would be helpful) and probably put a load or two of laundry in. Playing City of Heroes last night was fun as was talking to Al on Skype while he played Fable on his end, and let me listen to his character having sex with his man-wife. “Oh, that’s nice!” – it was hilarious. [From GamerFeed review: Sex in Fable is basically 30 seconds of darkness with cheesy moaning sound effects.] Still funny to listen to via the internet. If anyone else is on Skype and wants to say hello, let me know!

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  1. Jason says:

    I’m glad to see some of my code is being put to good use (even though some of it isn’t the cleanest – was still learning CSS then).

    Warnings for Tiger install, UNPLUG your FireWire after you backup and before you do the install!!

    Other helpful tips (Great article by Mr. Dave Shea):

  2. Joshua Smith says:

    While not specific to upgrading, Ars Technica has a fabulous review of Tiger, it’s about 17 (web) pages long, I think someone said the pdf was 100+.

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