“I was certainly well lubricated…”

Last night proved to be a very happy hour shared with Jenifer, her ex and the ex’s current girlfriend at Ella’s Wood Fired Pizza over in Penn Quarter (which is what they’re calling that area now). The ex and I chatted for a while before Jenifer got there. She and I haven’t hung out a lot by ourselves, so it was nice to talk and catch up. Jenifer arrived and we did shots of one of the smoothest vodkas I’ve tasted in a long while, I’ve spent a little time today trying to see where I can buy it locally.

We went on to enjoy their “pizza happy hour” with free eats and cheap drinks. After a few glasses of sangria I was certainly well lubricated and we had a ball. I really admire how well Jenifer gets along with her ex, I envy it a little too as it’s something I haven’t been able to make work on my own. But often the duration of my relationships are such that we don’t really get to know each other as well as we think we do, so once the coupling part is out of the picture, it’s hard to see what, if any, friendship is there to salvage. And then there was the ex that said flat out, “How can we be friends, you don’t [expletive deleted] your friends!” Still it would be nice to have someone to watch Britcoms with again, or play pool with or drive out to national parks. All that stuff is still fun alone… but it’s alone.

This weekend looks slow aside from brunch and a wine festival in Columbia MD on Sunday. I shall probably be playing quite a bit of Guild Wars with Al since he plans to buy it this Friday. I also need to do more tidying, check the air filter for the A/C, dust off those exercise videos, find some tension rods for my closets… ok, scratch the slow weekend thing.

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  1. Just passing through, but I just wanted to say that I’m totally digging the blog..

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