Daily Archive: August 19, 2005


Holy Homoerotic Imagery!

D.C. Comics is going after a Chelsea art dealer, demanding that it cease and desist from exhibiting Mark Chamberlain’s series of “gay Batman” watercolors. Via Stay Free! Daily: Can’t a gay Batman get a break? Perhaps in his next series,...


spam was meant to be shared

This just has me giggling, though I can’t figure out how it made it past my spam filters… Subject: Semen production increases 500% Complete no-quibble guarantee


reading is fund-a-mental…

Felt sick yesterday, somewhat due to the previous evening’s events, which will be recapped later. Interesting reads in the post this morning: Eminem in Rehab for Sleep Medication Kanye West Calls for End to Gay Bashing Sorry, Dove: Bigger Isn’t...