Daily Archive: August 15, 2005


stupid restaurant, thinks they’re so cool

[begin gripe] I want/plan to get people together for dinner on my birthday, then head out for cocktails, and then go dancing. I’m sure people may not be able to hang for all of that, but it’ll be fun nonetheless....


who wants a slow weekend, anyway?

Friday: Work, Shopping, Dinner, Drinks Saturday: Shopping, Lunch, Party, Drinks Sunday: Bowling, Shopping, Cooking, Laundry, Chores I’m so used to telling people on Monday that I didn’t do much over the weekend that I have to keep correcting myself, as...


looking for what?

How bad is it that when a spam message comes in with the Subject: women looking for IT!, I immediately wonder how I got on the DC Web Women’s e-mail list? Such. A. Geek.