who knew so many would say yes?!

I’m currently going insane trying to find a place to take a reservation for the 10th… I called around when I first had the idea and was told I was calling too soon. Well now I’m getting no help with the same places. Most places want to give you a fixed price menu and I have no desire to do that to my guests, especially since a few have special eating requirements so giving them a stock menu at some exorbitant price is a little crazy, plus I hate asking that of people anyway.

So those screams of anguish ya hear are me. Yes, one might say this is what I get for being “so” popular, but honestly I just wanted to have a nice night out with my friends and I haven’t the room to do it at my place nor have I the energy and money to cook/cater it at someone else’s place. Sooo tempted to just scrap it all.

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2 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    Any “upscale buffets” in the area? Just a thought. I’ve heard some mention of one somewhere in SW on the waterfront, but I don’t know any specifics.

  2. Brian says:

    I managed to find us all a place to seat our asses and eat, details forthcoming.

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