the ‘ex’-files

I’m generally not in the habit of posting about my ex-boyfriends, I may post about them while they’re current boyfriends, but a short time after the breakup, I just don’t. They come up as parts of my past, but I rarely go into why we stopped seeing each other, unless I’m particularly upset about it. And I certainly don’t write about personal stuff, more specifically the habits of theirs that truly got on my nerves.

What was I going to write about again? Oh yeah… So last night I went to bed feeling a little on the lonely & single side, as Jhim has said, the bed felt too big. Well I was rewarded with a dream about my most recent ex… the dream reminded me exactly why I am no longer with him and that I should enjoy my singlehood.

Make no mistake, Matthew is a wonderful person and I’m certain he will find someone that he deserves, but I didn’t have mutual feelings for him, and I felt more and more miserable allowing him to believe that I did, lies of omission, I guess.

Still.. with a birthday in just under 2 weeks, I can’t help but wish there was someone more special than my good friends to share that day as well. But we’re still gonna have a damn fine time.

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  1. Jenifer says:

    it’s a hard thing to articulate. I love my friends fiercely, and I count on them in ways I don’t expect from a lover or partner. but there’s a fire to a good sexual, romantic relationship that just doesn’t happen elsewhere, so I know where you’re coming from.

    that said, hell yeah, we’re gonna party your ass off on your birthday!

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