weekend wrap-up: Halloween!

The past few years I’ve been going into Halloween with no real plans, but seeing what comes of the evening. I don’t do costumes unless I’ve been invited to a costume party and I really don’t enjoy going out to bars that are hosting costume events. It sounds like it would be fun and festive, but it’s a pain in the ass when you’re trying to take a sip from your martini and you get smacked in the face by a stray wing.*


I headed out to Playbill Cafe to meet some old friends and make some new friends and thankfully the people who were in costume were well-behaved and not the drunken carousing sort. After some unspecified number of cocktails, we made our way over to Halo where it wasn’t all that crowded yet–we suspect due to the Miss Adams Morgan pageant, and very few costumed individuals, tho there were wings.

I had already switched over to water by that point–I note that Halo switched from providing Voss to Fiji–and I have no recollection of whose hand that is going for my nipple. But it was a fun, subdued night out, nothing too over the top but a good time. Maybe a little bit of drama, as anyone who caught my Facebook status updates might have noticed, but no one got cut.

The most annoying part came when trying to get home. I was unable to get a cab to stop for me on 14th & P Sts, so I took the Circulator down to McPherson Square.** It had started to rain a little, but mostly just drizzle. I stood out along 14th & H Sts and continued to try hailing a cab. The cabs just drove on by, some full, many empty, a few slowed down, then sped back up and drove off.

By this point my bladder was making urgent demands and my iPhone metro app showed that the train was a minute or two away, so I gave up and took the metro home. I was pissed off, but not surprised. There’s a reason I don’t take cabs that often in this city. If I’m not in Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant then HWB seems to be in full effect. God forbid it’s after dark, because when I’m in a sweater, t-shirt & jeans holding an oversize umbrella, clearly I am a terror to behold.*** Oh, and the cap, I forgot about the cap. That must have pushed it over the edge. 😈

* Seriously, it’s like a gay rule that there will be at least 3 costumes in the bar with wings at all times, be they angels, demons, sexy angels, sexy demons, or just a reason to wear wings, body glitter and a Speedo to show off your 6-pack abs.

** I was obviously drunk enough that I didn’t think to take the Circulator north to U Street.

*** It’s like Aisha Tyler says, I need to get myself a white boy. They’re so handy!

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  1. Esprix says:

    Is it me, or do you have a somewhat maniacal gleam in your eyes? (And is that a touch of grey in your facial hair? Say it ain’t so!)

    They dragged me out to Secrets. SECRETS. Oh, the shame…
    .-= latest entry: Halloween weekend =-.

  1. June 9, 2011

    […] not ashamed to admit I own all of the War of Light t-shirts (example) and they look darn cute on me, too! But when I’m out and about, they’re a nice way to […]

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