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Wonkette – “Finding” versus “Looting”

MetaFilter also noted this: Liberating the Loaves of Bread

Still, it is a matter of two different new sources anf their editors using different words, but as the ever eloquent and far more socially conscious than I could ever be Cherie Priest says, Besides, even if you had money and wanted to spend it, the stores were all closed. There was no one to pay, and the goods were unattended. What the hell would you do?

And this here, is just kinda sad. Hauling away some water and food (even beer) is one thing, but who the hell is in desperate need of a 27-inch flat screen television at a time like this?

Ok, after reading more articles, I’m getting really sick of the word looting. I’ve been trying hard not to drown in news reports.

Please donate to The Red Cross, if you can. The main site’s been getting bogged down a bit, but other regional sites are taking donations as well.

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