gonna sco-o-o-re tonight!

Gotta love when the geek in me rears its ugly bespectacled head. Rather than post each week about my bowling scores, I created a static page to track them and my totals and averages, etc. Works to my advantage, since if I have a crappy week, most people will have forgotten to go there and check the scores after a week or so. 😀

The league we’re on is definitely a different feel from the last one, it’s smaller, a little less social though some of that is that the officers rarely seem to have their act together when it comes to informing us about stuff. The one annoying habit this league and our last one had was, instead of making all the announcements when we’re practicing, they do it in the middle of our actual games, starting off with “Attention league, please hold up on your bowling…” This has never made sense to me, and has caused me in the past to almost wrench my arm out of the socket in mid approach so I could pay attention (and not be totally thrown off by the PA). But I am still having fun, and regardless of my scores, that’s the most important thing… but it would be nice to rank highly when all’s said and done.

So far we’ve been 2/1 and 1/2 for win/loss each week, but we’re still getting into our groove.

urbanbohemian’s fall 2005 bowling stats

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  1. MiKe says:

    Damn. your average is much better than mine. Still though we simply must bowl together sometime, it’s one of those things i loved to do but can’t get chris to go near.

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