oh yeah, a bit of good news

The date, I guess I call it a date now, I had on Friday went pretty well, actually. I was nervous since I don’t normally do the blind date thing. Not out of any personal preferences against it, I just usually get the “I don’t really know anyone you’d be interested in,” from my friends.

It was extremely non-date like, we met after work at Teaism in Dupont, I’d had just enough time to head home and change, he hadn’t but looked very nice in his work drag. It was some light conversation over tea and then we walked around Dupont with more talking (it was pretty loud in the tea place) no real pressure to do anything more, and after a little while he said that he was feeling sleepy (I believed him, considering his lack of free time was one of the topics of conversation) and the direction we were walking happened to be towards where he lived, so I walked him to his door and we said goodnight. He did say that he’d like to get together again, possibly this week, so we’ll probably play some phone tag to work that out.

In spite of my nerves, I had a really nice time. I was talking with Michael (the setter-upper) and telling him how I was trying not to compare this person that I didn’t even know yet to my ex (same age, same type of job) and he said that it was natural to do so. But I was pleasantly surprised, and he’s pretty cute too, so we’ll have to see what comes of it.

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