stupid restaurant, thinks they’re so cool

[begin gripe]

I want/plan to get people together for dinner on my birthday, then head out for cocktails, and then go dancing. I’m sure people may not be able to hang for all of that, but it’ll be fun nonetheless. EXCEPT… the restaurant I wanted to go for dinner considers parties of over 10 to be “large” and sent me the private dining and catering menu.

Admittedly, I haven’t even gotten a guest list/e-vite together yet, but I’m fairly sure I’ll have more than ten people interested in having dinner (ok, I really hope there’d be more than 10). And I feel silly sending out an e-vite without being able to tell people, “Ok, here’s the plan.”

This is what I get for not letting someone else plan my party. :p

[end gripe]

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