c’mon get happy!

Halo beanie babyToday is a GOOD day, it feels like Friday since I don’t have work tomorrow. There’s a contract party at ESPN Zone right after work and then I’m meeting a slew of people at Halo around 6’ish and then going for eats after that. Then I have to pack and stuff for Philly, though maybe I’ll do that tomorrow instead of trying to pack while soused.

This is a lovely protected post and stuff, so if you’re in the area and so inclined to join us at Halo, feel free to do so!

Also speaking of happy, I’ve been informed that our Thanksgiving turkey will have a name this year… Happy. I’m mildly disturbed by this, I must say. It’s just… WEIRD to eat something that you’ve named. But the rest of the dishes won’t have names, or maybe that’s how I’ll get my revenge and name EVERY dish we eat. *puts on scheming face*

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