It was a fun weekend, I know I’m still sick though (waiting for a bus at 1:30am in Dupont Circle can’t have helped matters). This morning I feel a little tummy nauseous and have a sore throat and since I wasn’t drinking the night away last night, I’m sure it’s illness.

Friday night after dinner, happy hour, poker and Drawn Together, I witnessed the aftermath of an accident. I don’t believe any of us saw the car strike a parked car on the opposite side of the road, we just heard the impact and all turned around. The driver of the car that struck the parked BMW stopped the car, leaned out to look at his vehicle, then the struck vehicle and he then looked at US… got back in his car and drove off rather quickly. His car didn’t sound too healthy as it sped off, so I doubt it escaped unharmed.

We left a note on the BMW with our phone numbers and the license plate of the car that left the scene. I didn’t get a call over the weekend, so the owner either doesn’t know yet or handled it on their own. The car was mostly scratched up, driver side mirror messed up and headlamp covers broken, mostly cosmetic damage, but even that can cost a fortune.

Jenifer told me that it’s a felony to leave the scene of an accident, so like.. wow. We’re guessing the driver was drunk though, so I’m sure the fear & apathy were constituting a healthy blend towards flight at that point.

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