2015 DC Shorts Film Festival

It’s that time again! No, I don’t mean my birthday. Well, actually, my birthday is coming up soon, but just before that is DC Shorts!

DC Shorts Film Festival Banner, click for ticket information

The 2015 DC Shorts Film Festival showcases one of the largest collection of short films in the USA. Out of 1,300 entries from around the globe, our programmers have selected 125 unique films that reflect the 24 nations they represent–and bring a world view to Washington, DC.

This year’s DC Shorts is only a little bit smaller than last year–by 10 films, and as has been noted before, while they don’t solicit specific themes, they still emerge from the range of submissions. This year’s special screenings will include free Family shows (hosted at 8 different DC Public Libraries), free Lunchtime shows, LGBT-themed shorts, a special date night featuring shorts about Modern Relationships, and the Best of Sunderland Film Festival showcasing short films from a festival aided by DC Shorts in Sunderland, England, one of DC’s Sister Cities.1

Special events and parties aside, I still feel like the online film festival is the best option, especially for those of us in DC (and not in DC) that might have time to sit down and binge House of Cards after work, but may not be able to rally to head to a screening. I was fortunate enough to gain access to some of the DC Shorts films online and here are a few highlights that could easily qualify for themed-entries on my blog of the animated, foodie(/dating) and LGBTQ variety:

A More Perfect Union

DC Shorts: A More Perfect Union

An animated short from StoryCorps, Theresa Burroughs recalls the challenges in claiming her right to vote and actually becoming a registered voter during the Jim Crow era in the South. Although the rhetoric has changed, this tale still resonates today.

Check, Please!

DC Shorts: Check, Please!

What seemed to start out as a short and quirky foodie rom-com with completely unexpected cameos from Battlestar Galactica‘s James Callis and Tahmoh Penikett, quickly took a left-turn for the hilarious. Suffice to say, modern dating and the search for romance–and a good meal–isn’t easy.

Barrio Boy

DC Shorts: Barrio Boy

Just shy of halfway through this short, I screamed “Yaaaaassssss!” (in my head, that is, I was out at lunch). To anyone who has ever had that on-the-spot/in-the-moment crush that they can’t say anything, can’t do anything about and gotta keep it to yourself? This is your squad’s movie.

If you like film, and you’re like me and can no longer take these modern “supermovies” clocking in at 2 hours2 or more, this is definitely the festival for you. The movies’ subjects and topics are so varied and each of the programs is designed to give you a great sampling from the entire set.

See more about the films at the DC Shorts website and check out their tumblr for more trailers, interviews and behind-the-scenes goodies about the upcoming film festival.

1 I didn’t realize DC had quite so many sister cities. We’re practically an international sorority.

2 Seriously. And can’t we at least get an intermission anymore?

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