peapod virgin no more!

PeapodWell, it’s official. At the ripe young age of mumblety-something, I am officially too tired/lazy/etc to get my own damn groceries from the store. My first Peapod order arrived today and I think I’m already hooked.

It was pretty simple.. too simple. I logged onto the website, didn’t even have to register or anything. Just start clicking, searching for items by name or going down the store “aisles” and selecting stuff. I filled my cart, mostly looking for sale items as I would in the regular store and a lot of the stuff really was on sale, the usual 79 cent bottles of seltzer at 3 for $1, 1/2 off some prepackaged meals. I also wanted to “test” them on stuff like produce since it’s listed as price per pound on the site but you might not necessarily get exactly 1 pound upon arrival.

My first website visit, I didn’t have time to finish up and it asked me to register then so it could save my list. My next visit back, the first thing the site asked me was to select a delivery time, even if I wasn’t finished shopping. I was pretty surprised that there were times for the next day available, I don’t think there’s an early enough time to order for same-day delivery tho. I finished up the order, entered in payment details, picked this morning and was done. They offered delivery discounts for choosing a 3.5 hour delivery window as opposed to 2 hours and a discount for giving them your checking account and bank routing number for EFT. I didn’t select either of those since my shopping and coupon codes ($10 off first time order) had already saved me plenty enough to cover the delivery charge, $9.95. They sent e-mail to confirm my order, then another e-mail last night to confirm delivery time.

This morning the guy showed up. I was actually cleaning up my place this morning lest he think that I live in a shithole (I know.. I’m silly). It was really no different than a pizza delivery person arriving, I buzzed him in and he showed up at the door. He took all the purchases to the kitchen, gave me my order receipt, let me know which items were out of stock and confirmed I wasn’t charged for them. He didn’t go through the bags with me, but told me the number to call if anything was missing or I wasn’t satisfied with any of the items and that they’d come back the following day to replace them.

Overall I’m impressed with the site and the service. The most fragile thing I ordered this time around were eggs, grapes and bananas and they all arrived unbroked and un-squashed. I did tip the guy $5, even though I was ranting a bit with Jenifer about the practice of tipping just before he arrived. In terms of service the deliveryman was very kind and courteous so I felt it was deserved, however I feel that if a place wants to leave tips up to the customer’s “discretion” they might want to stop charging fees upon fees as well. If a customer’s already paying $10 to have the stuff brought by, it’s hard to separate that fee from the actual labor of the driver/deliveryperson.

But I’d order from them again, I’ll just be sure to use coupons and more coupon codes (they gave me $5 off each of my next 4 orders) to maximize my savings, just as I would in the regular store. Next thing will be to compare the Peapod online prices versus the store prices in the same week. Even so, it’d be hard to bring home the amount I ordered without a car, so Peapod gets one in the win column. 🙂

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  1. Lindsay says:

    with a $10 flat-rate delivery fee, that might be covering vehicle-related expenses for the delivery. just a thought. I doubt your delivery guy sees a dime of that additional $10.

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