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From an IM session this morning,

me: *hee hee.. I just had my first case of urinal shyness in years.
them: really?
them: I have that all the time
me: … [insert the sound of my brain going kablooey]
them: and I tell myself “just relax, just relax. jesus, woman!”
me: Or maybe you need less distinctive shoes.
them: lol
them: it sucks when I’m sitting on the john and someone walks in and says, “oh, hi [insert name here]!”
me: Women get bowl/stall shyness too?
me: OMG.
them: like, HELLO???? shut the eff up!
me: Yeah, you need “pee shoes”
them: yes, we do

To my credit, the bathroom was oddly full, I don’t know if all the stalls were occupied, but two guys decided they’d rather stand and wait for the urinals and there was someone next to me and … nothing happened! I zipped up, washed and left, of course getting back to my desk with the urge to go even stronger.

But this could be a great new idea for 2006, “Pee Shoes! Ensure your anonymity on the bowl!” Who wants to star in my infomercial?

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3 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on this, but I too have thought of the same thing. When you I the bowl, I’ve always wondered, what if I had different shoes? That way, people wouldn’t know who I am and when returning to work, no one would know who was in the stall doing their business. It makes for a much more private experience. Now, there is the issue of bathroom entrance. People will see you going in, so deduction is in play at this point. Can you remove all thoughts of bathroom usage beyond the “pee shoe” factor?

  2. Brian says:

    I’m all about the privacy when someone needs to perform bathroom duties. I mean people grunt, make noise, make odors and then they get up, flush, walk out and EVERYONE can see who it was. Most people couldn’t give a shit, so to speak 😉 but that’s why I can’t stand using the toilet for sit-down visits in public. It’s sort of a given that you’re gonna leave your mark, more or less.

    Now if only James Bond had ever needed shoes that change their appearance in a film, I’d have a foundation for the idea.

  3. Jason says:

    If you need a partner for that foundation, let me know. I think a killing could be made in the self confidence market of bathroom visits.

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