Modern Sherpas

Perhaps it’s because we are multitaskers. Or because we’re insecure. Maybe we are becoming more independent. Whatever the reasons, we are more and more burdened by our belongings.

Burdens of the Modern Beast |

Late last year I decided I would stop bringing in my briefcase to work because it was a burden, just ended up bumping into people on the train, and caused me to do stupid things like put my keys in it and then leave it behind somewhere. Unfortunately, it means I resort to my hands to bring a book in, or a grocery bag to bring in my lunch, but I still feel it was a good decision. I still want some kind of a briefcase/satchel, what-have-ya, I’m just tired of carting around way more container space than I actually need.

Maybe it’s a holdover/progression from the college days. We had SO many books and the class locations were not close to the dorm, so I actually had a duffle bag with all my materials in it. Then we took professional development that poo-poo’ed this in favor of a nice briefcase, “It always makes a good impression.” The briefcase, of course, had to be filled with appropriate materials as prospective interviewers always sneak a glance inside it. This made about as much sense to me as meeting someone for the first time and the first thing they supposedly look at is my shoes. (However I have caught people doing that in a professional environment, so it wasn’t all fluff) Still, I do keep my eye out for something light and small, I see people with the wheeled backpacks and suitcases, or camping style backpacks or freebie briefcases with conference logos on them, overstuffed with things and I’m like, “No way, not me, never again.”

In other news, the best two words in the english language this time of year, “Tax Refund.” Mine showed up in the bank account and now I have do all those “when it comes in” things I promised myself. The only two frivolous ones are to buy a new iPod and get a bike trainer and the rest has to go to savings and debt (phooey).

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