Daily Archive: February 10, 2006


we’re gonna turn it on…

The four-disc collection, “The Best of the Electric Company” released last Tuesday. *SQUEE!!* Factoid: Did you know that “Company’s” head writer was Tom Whedon, father of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Serenity” creator Joss Whedon? Well, now you do.


OMG SNOW!1!1!!

Kent Brockman: Professor, would you say it’s time to panic? Professor: Yes I would Kent Brockman: Would you also say it’s time to crack open our neighbors’ skulls and feast on the sweet goo inside? Professor: Yes, Kent. Yes I...


Be My TiVo-lentine?

Ever wish your TiVo® WishList® or TiVo Suggestions could score YOU the perfect match? Come flirt with the possibility of finding your own special someone, “TiVo-style.” PLUS get 2 free drinks AND be automatically entered in a raffle for one...