OMG SNOW!1!1!!

Kent Brockman: Professor, would you say it’s time to panic?
Professor: Yes I would
Kent Brockman: Would you also say it’s time to crack open our neighbors’ skulls and feast on the sweet goo inside?
Professor: Yes, Kent. Yes I would.

I love seeing the snow-crazies hit the region. We always have the 2 office factions. One side that gets freaked out and leaves immediately, though sometimes it’s justified since their kids have been more or less unceremoniously kicked outta school/daycare. And the other “old salts” who look down their nose at anyone that freaks out over the weather.

Me? I just want to get home without getting a crust of salt all over my shoes and cuffs. I have books, games, TiVo, hot cocoa and Kahlua… and a big ball o’ frozen dough! 😀

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  1. Jason says:

    Bring it on!! I can’t wait!! I already have some games installed on the G5 and plenty of movies to watch.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…cookie dough…


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