Table for Two: Fin

Jenifer and I went to Fin last night for dinner. I figured since we belong to OpenTable, we may as well make as many 1,000 point reservations as possible, though looking at the site today, I see they don’t allow for “party of one” reservations. I am not too proud to go out to eat on my own.

On a scale of 1-5 – Meal: 5, Service: 3, Atmosphere: 1

I got there a little early and gave my name, while looking around for Jenifer, since she usually beats me places and is not known for waiting outside (I like waiting outside, personally, but I’ve learned my lesson). The hostess told me that she didn’t think the party had been seated. I said, “I hope not.. I’m ‘G’ and it’s only for two” – so I took a seat at the bar and Jenifer arrived a few mins later.

As soon as we got to our table, we both noticed that it was pretty warm. We were still looking around at the decor and ambiance and we’d just gotten in from outside with mid 80s temps so I figured it was just a cooling down period. Our server, a young woman with an accent I couldn’t place, told us the specials and labored over each and every one telling us the ingredients (apparently a lot of dishes have salt, pepper and garlic in them), and then took her sweet time explaining to us both what filet mignon is. We ordered drinks, their signature “Blue Fin”, but we didn’t even have water on the table yet.

The temperature continued to be steamy and I ordered lobster bisque and a whole rockfish, she ordered a 1/2 dozen oysters and a grouper fillet. The bisque was a mistake as I was then wiping my brow every few mins while eating it, but I got to snag one of the oysters and it was yummy. I don’t have much (any?) experience eating oysters, I believe this is my second one ever. When we were 1/2 way through our meal, after having to ask for ice water, Jenifer flagged down another server and asked about the lack of a/c, shortly after that the manager came over and apologized profusely, pointing out to us that we had been seated in the only section without a/c and that we could move to a table in the bar if that was ok. Both she and I were very well-behaved and didn’t take him to task, asking why, if they knew there was no a/c, they seated us there anyway?

Our table in the bar was air-conditioned… and that was the best thing about it. It wasn’t smoky, it was just loud. A table next to us was occupied by very rambunctious patrons and it made it more difficult to carry on our conversation, but we were amused by the “on a date” antics of a straight couple on the other side.

Still, the food was good, just a bit bland. The bisque benefited from pepper and the fish needed salt, which was odd since it was “studded with ginger and lime” & “topped with a cilantro cashew pesto”. And I usually don’t eat fish, so having a whole fish before me, head, fins, bones and all, was a little daunting, but I managed ok and it was good.

The bill came… eventually, and unfortunately there was no consideration made for our discomfort – however we didn’t ask for any. It was about $40 a person, though the drinks and oysters certainly weighed heavily on the bill.

I might go again… in the early spring or fall. I just wasn’t all that impressed with it.

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  1. July 17, 2006

    […] The weekend was pretty good, and fairly quiet (and spent indoors, thank goodness). Thursday, 4evermore and I went to Georgia Brown’s for dinner, after our horrid dinner at Fin a few months back, they sent me some dining certificates to make up for it and since Fin no longer exists, we figured a little low country cooking wouldn’t be a bad thing, plus GB’s made Everett a grits-lover. (You have no idea how many times I heard “Oh I hate grits, I just don’t like ‘em” before we ate there for my birthday) We were able to order some of the more expensive items and it was GOOD. I had Louisiana “Devil” Shrimp — Tender Gulf Shrimp Stuffed with Georgia Brown’s Crabcakes, Served with Sauteed Spinach, Macaroni and Cheese, and a Sweet and Spicy Chipotle Sauce and he had A Trio of Crab Cakes — A Georgia Brown’s Crabcake, a Smoked Trout Crabcake, and a spicy Crawfish Crab Cake served with sauteed Asparagus, warm grilled Potato Salad and finished with a trio of sauces. I had no trouble cleaning my plate and even picking at his, we left happy and stuffed and that’s really all you can ask from most restaurants. […]

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