Lois Lane: Superman is my baby daddy!

If the plot didn’t make it terribly obvious that Lois’ son was Superman’s, the cinematography did our work for us well before the piano scene. I finally watched Superman Returns tonight. I had no idea Parker Posey was in it otherwise I’d have been in the theater to watch it! Overall though, I wouldn’t buy it, and have no desire to watch it again. The Lex/Kitty scenes were fun, Jimmy was fun, but it was a very long winded plot to get to the end of the film. Over two and a half hours!? Give me a break. If I hadn’t polished off a bottle of red wine (with leftover chicken, too Chris — HA!) then I might have more comprehensive review, but if I gotta sit still for more than 2 hours to watch your film, I better damn well have a drink in my hand.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there… or anyone that’s been ever been called “Daddy” — hm, ok that includes me as well, but still.

This past Friday night’s events and the walk home on Saturday morning with a Starbucks iced latte (oh was I going through withdrawal) only serve to remind me that I still got it.

My place looks even more a mess than usual right now. My building is trying to deal with the rodent issues in the basement so they’ve asked all residents to clear out their storage areas. Thankfully mine was filled mostly with packing boxes, but there were a few interesting finds in there. A turntable and “word processor” (electronic typewriter) from the previous tenant, very heavy paint buckets that I really have to wonder if they’ll even match my walls should my landlord ever need to touch up in here and some boxes of floor tiles from the kitchen. I’ll be glad when I can move it back down there. I’m having to do that little dance around the place to dodge the new obstacles and get from room to room.

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4 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    The guy who plays Kumar in Harold and Kumar is in there somewhere, too, as Lex’s Henchman # 3 or something similar. I was kinda sad when he got squished by the rock crystal thing. (And yes, they could have cut out a good hour and it would have been fine with me. Dear me, I haven’t had to sit through that much angst since Dawson’s Creek went off the air.)

    Full disclosure: I have been known to put ice cubes in my wine if it’s too warm. Do as I say, not as I do. You will now forget you ever read this … {Scooby-doo style reality warp begins here … }

    • Brian says:

      I think we’ve all committed “food sins”, I won’t tell anyone.

      Yeah Kal Penn was great (even if he didn’t have much dialogue). And I have to admit it was a pretty great, “Who’s the man?!” moment when he threw that entire freakin’ island into space. Which they then followed up with blatant Christ imagery. *bah!

  2. shindo says:

    @Chris, I’ll pretend I didn’t read that about the wine. 😉

    @Brian: Parker Posey was one of the better actors in Superman Returns along with Kevin Spacey. They were so busy in finding someone to play Christopher Reeve’s incarnation of Superman that they got the look down but not the personality. Lois was also very bland. Plus, the writer had no ear when it came to Superman’s brief confusing monologue to his son.

    I wouldn’t watch it again either.

    • Brian says:

      What I was most upset about was the classic formula for Superman films: Lex has a moll, Lex reveals his plan, moll reconsiders her place in life usually in extremely emotional fashion.

      Oh and moll will be used as bait/decoy/lure for Superman. We’ve seen it 2 times in the old movies, and now a 3rd. 🙄

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