Meat on the Brain

Seriously.. the Five Guys burger I had must have made its way back up and is making itself quite at home in my skull. I’m still feeling the effects, I smell like burgers (ok this isn’t a bad thing, but I doubt Calvin Klein will be making a fragrance from it*) and I’m a little winded from the run to catch the Circulator bus back to the office. We thought we were at a stop but the driver kept going on waving us to the stop down the street. But he did wait for us there, or at least waited because the light was red — either way FTW.

I think I may have to reinstitute the Best Buy boycott and stick to it this time. Long story short, I bought WoW. A week later, they dropped the price and I e-mailed them to ask how to go about a price match. After 3 days they e-mailed back with the policy (that I could have gotten from the website). I e-mail back to thank them for the response and ask again HOW to get them to honor it. By which time they would not honor it as the price had gone back up to normal. So I’ve written them a very nicely worded e-mail stating they could either satisfy a customer or not, their choice.

On the other side of things, Amazon made a screw up too, I ordered the girly girl trifecta, “Girls will be Girls,” “Down With Love,” and “Barbarella” (I should write Jack Plotnick and tell him I bought a double feature). They sent it out US Postal Service even though I’m an Amazon Prime member and get free 2-day UPS shipping. I wrote, not to complain (yet), but to ask why this happened. They wrote back, apologizing for the error and sent me a $20 GC for my “troubles.”

Customer Service: – 1, Best Buy – nil. The thing that got to me most were the canned e-mail responses. They would barely read my e-mail before clicking a button to send a reply to what they THOUGHT I was trying to ask. I’m pretty sure it’s been proven that listening to a customer from the very beginning helps to diffuse most problem situations. Ah well.

* I can’t do LJ polls anymore, but which celebrity out there do YOU think would be most likely to come out with a hamburger fragranced cologne, be as snarky as you like, I need entertainment. And I know she did the Carl’s Jr. ad, but Paris Hilton is right out.;)

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3 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    It’s been my experience that Amazon’s customer service is amazing. Whenever I had a problem, one email (or two, tops) rectified the situation.

    Take last year’s debacle over Harry Potter 6, for example: when the book didn’t arrive the day it was guaranteed to, they refunded my purchase price per their agreement; when the book didn’t arrive the next week, they refunded my shipping too. I wound up getting the book totally free.

  2. Michael M says:

    I nominate Jennifer Lopez, her booty certainly looks like she eats a few too many burgers.

    I am with you on the Best Buy boycott. I was helping a friend buy a computer, and I had to endure 20 minutes of the salesguy trying to convince us to spend a bunch more money on an extended warranty. He just could not take no for an answer. I know they are under a quota to sell X amount of extended warranties a month, but this guy was way over the line with what he kept on telling us. We almost walked out of the store.

  3. Brian says:

    Sadly, I can usually find what I want much cheaper online. I do like the feeling of going to a store and fondling things and then saying, “I’ll take it!” But I can go to Best Buy or similar, look, fondle and get it cheaper online. It’s all good.

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