So divine to feel the passion in this fashion…

Name the song referenced in my title without resorting to Google and win a no-prize and serious props a la moi.

The spirit hasn’t really moved me to make a huge long post in a while, partially because the little asides are so much fun to just throw out and they are content and they play so much better on LiveJournal than on, since on my main site you have to go below the fold to see them unless you’re RSS’ing me in which case, it’s all a big feed. Borrowing a page from Kurt D, it just feels easier to be creative, witty, snarky, funny… or not — in those short bursts. And per the rules of LJ, people respond to those a whole lot more than they do longer posts, probably because they’re easier to digest.

But stuff has been going on, just nothing horribly noteworthy. I am really enjoying the new bed. I’m not sure if it’s being lower to the ground, making the bedroom seem larger both when I’m in or out of the bed, or having a headboard to lean against when I read or just my brain having the happy happy new new feeling about it, but I feel like I’m getting better rest. I’m also not spending as much time in the bedroom as it’s no long as easy for me to use the bed as a chair/couch. Admittedly I did NOT foresee that when thinking about just “getting” into bed. Over the weekend, dead tired, I tried to fall into bed and freaked myself out realizing I was falling much farther than used to. I also moved a few things around in the bedroom to create better flow space, I still have to figure out what I’m doing with the comic books. I wish there were a better way to store them than the long boxes. Does Rubbermaid make storage boxes, I wonder?

I went to the National Museum of the American Indian this past Saturday with Michael and Michael, then Michael (yes, I get a kick out of that) joined us in Chinatown for dinner at Five Guys, then “Date Movie,” which was funny, but not 100% gut-bustingly so. Perhaps it’s because so many romantic movies have elements of comedy to them already, that spoofing them is kinda redundant. Still it was a great time hanging out with my Maryland Michaels as I don’t get to see them all that often.

And for more museum’age this week, co-workers are planning a trip to the Hirschorn this Friday as an excuse to get out of the office for a little while. Hopefully it will be a nice day outside as the weather’s been so totally random, ya just gotta prep for anything and brave it. Work’s been good, but busy as all get out — and it’s tedious work, nothing really challenging, just blah.

Herman Makkink's Rocking MachineAnd what would Hump Day be without a look at Herman Makkink’s Rocking Machine from “A Clockwork Orange”, Cool Hunting reports that a limited run of reproductions is being produced for auction. I loved the movie… but not that much.

In other news, Rosie’s finally removed the pictures of Martha from inside her locker. Because, wow, I can’t think of any reason that someone wouldn’t go see Rosie O’Donnell as Golde in “Fiddler.” Nope… not a one.

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2 Responses

  1. Lindsay says:

    Wait. Was Rosie playing Golde to Harvey Fierstein’s Tevye?

    I’m so deeply disturbed.

  2. Brian says:

    Yes, she was. However to her credit, she’s slimmed down and claims to be wearing size 36 waist stuff. Which is pretty impressive for our gal.

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