A. La. Carte.

I can’t even express in words what weather like this does for my soul. Unfortunately I can express very easily what it does for my focus at the office, completely destroys it, I got nothin… I went out for lunch at 11 just to get a nice walk, it’s lovely, and windy so just standing still for a while, all kinds of scents come your way. Yeah you got the icky city smells in there along with the good, but it’s where urban meets bohemian. 😉 And we’re headed over to see the Dada exhibit at the National Gallery around 1, so it’s an office field trip!

Last night we had a great dinner at Merkado, I was once again joined by the council of Michaels. It makes introductions very easy, at the least. We ran into Josh, someone I hadn’t seen since new year’s very briefly — we were outside waiting to be seated (we didn’t have a reservation, but they held tables open for walk-ins) and all of a sudden I felt a hand tickling my side and was like “WTF?!” and it was him. Very affectionate and totally didn’t register on my threat radar, and I so rarely run into people that I know when out that it was freaky, but nice to see him.

The dishes were great, I started with toasted edamame (I just like saying edamame), then had Chipotle BBQ chicken breast with garlic spinach and white rice, and for dessert a chocolate bread pudding with rum caramel sauce. I normally don’t eat that much, but it was for charity and it was DELICIOUS.

I was even a good boy and got to bed at a decent hour after some reading of the new Legion of Super Heroes series. And on my way into work this morning, I met Adrian Fenty outside my metro station and got the standard handshake. But I still refused to take his pamphlet, telling him that while I understand the need to disseminate information, they remain in people’s hands for all of 10 seconds and then are dropped in the metro system, on escalators and all over the sidewalks. Was that bad of me? Oh and I can understand why people say “I’m voting for Fenty, he’s the cutest.”

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