Well I’ve had better mug shots

I am very glad to be employed. I am glad that the government doesn’t yet have a lot of people trained in web development so that they hire contractors.

However… I am not glad that the badge photos they take make my badge akin to a posting you might see in the post office. I swear this photo makes me look stoned, chubby.. and mega-balding. Not just shaved-headed.. BALDING. For some reason when they take the photo with an old digital camera (I should be thankful they didn’t use the 2×2 4-lens Polaroid), they squish the photo down to a square. They don’t crop it, they squish it!

Fun fun fun, not. But I am not alone, pretty much everyone’s picture here has absolutely no resemblance to what they look like. It should be like a passport photo. You bring your own in, they determine whether it looks like you or not and use it.

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