I’m bi again!

Well bi-platform, anyway. Marvin’s (the mac mini) done been hooked up and he’s working just as well as he did before. The “Apple Genius” did an archived install, which seems to have preserved all of my settings and files, etc. I wish that had been on their website as something to try on my own. I’m thinking maybe that’s why they didn’t charge me anything since they didn’t really do anything above and beyond that I couldn’t have done. They didn’t have to go inside or replace data or archive data for me. All in all, me = very happy.

I’m trying a software/server based KM (Keyboard/Mouse) program called Synergy which is working fairly well. I’ve got the PC set up as the server and told it my mac is to the right of the pc and vice versa. When I go to the edge of one monitor it switches to the other machine and takes control. They’ve said it can also copy text between machines, but I haven’t tried that yet. It is a little slow when crossing over to the mac but I’m hoping that’s something I can tweak, but it does what it says and I haven’t had to use my hardware KVM at all this morning aside from during setup. A drawback is that the Mac doesn’t really recognize the special functions of my mouse anymore so the extra buttons don’t do their magic anymore, I might not be able to take that for very long.

I just got back from a lovely brunch and I’m totally stuffed. It seems for the second time though that my order takes an awful long time to arrive. I think Tonic is great, but some of their items do suffer from pre-made’ness. Still at brunch, eggs and pancakes don’t take all that long to make, and sausage and grits can be kept warmed for a long while.

And for my overheard of the day, while I was waiting for a table, a group of 3 gents was waiting behind me (I actually hoofed it a little bit to make sure I’d get in before them), and one of them seemed to be the “authority” on the neighborhood, telling his friends about the area and he remarked about Tonic, “And this is one of the few places in Mt Pleasant you can’t get a taco… so to speak.” It was almost like being back in the south again where people were much more open with their slightly (and sometimes not so slightly) racist comments.

Now looking around my place it’s back to being an insane person’s hovel again. Plus everything reeks of “sick person was here” so I’ll be tidying up today and probably tomorrow evening. I think I am over the worst of my illness, which I’m definitely thinking was flu-like. It seems like I sweated it out last night. Seriously, I woke up and my t-shirt was drenched, but I felt great! Just in time for work tomorrow… woo hoo.

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  1. Jason says:

    I’ve been using Synergy at work for a couple of months for both my Mac and Windows machine. It’s a great program, minus the drawbacks of having DHCP and “wondering” IP addresses. Keep your eyes peeled for a KVM (emphasis on Monitor) solution of Synergy. At least those are the rumors.

  2. Brian says:

    I thought it was great, but I just didn’t care for the slowdown when tracking over to the Mac from the PC. Plus I got so used to my other 800 mouse buttons working on the Mac too. 🙂

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