Ghibellina: Gamberi e Polenta

Trying out new places for weekend brunch is always fun. I’m on 14th St NW a lot either as an exercise path or on my way downtown, but don’t often stop into that many bars and restaurants because of crowds. No one really enjoys waiting to eat, no matter how popular or trendy the spot. But if you get in early enough, there’s often no trouble. It also helps if you’re willing to sit at the bar, but I don’t always want to do that.

I’d been to Ghibellina once before after a few-too-many-drinks happy hour a block or so away and they were indeed crowded, but the pizza and pasta was amazing. So when it got thrown into the ring as an idea for Saturday brunch a few weekends back, I had no problems with the selection.

Ghibellina: Gamberi e Polenta

There are no bottomless food or drink options, but I got the Gamberi e Polenta: shrimp, polenta, poached eggs and leeks. I wasn’t sure what might arrive, but I was definitely pleased. My friend got the shakshuka, a dish popping up on a lot of menus lately. We rounded it out with sides of potatoes and biscuits and chowed down. So much so… that there aren’t any other pictures.

It’s good ambiance, a large front window giving plenty of light to the bar seating area, and a larger, but darker, dining area — and an upper floor which I could not get a peek at due to a private event. I’d definitely head back another weekend morning to try some of their other options. Or even just craft a brunch out of side dishes and enjoy a cocktail or two at the bar. :mrgreen:

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