Fixed mini and No pics at the mall

Pentagon City Apple StoreI managed to wander out today, very slowly and head over to the Apple Store at Pentagon City to take my mini in for service. I really miss the “good ol days” of Apple support when you could just send things in and not sit around waiting on them to try various things and eventually fix your problems. I got there early and they were ahead on appointments so I got called right away. I showed him the problem and he tried one or two things, then did something with Disk Warrior that he said would take about 45 mins or so.

So I headed out and killing time at the mall is hard enough for me, let alone when I’ve got a massive migraine so I headed through Williams-Sonoma and then found a bench to pass the time and listen to my iPod. I was sending a text or two and playing with the camera function on my phone when a Simon security guard comes up to me, with a Simon suit standing a little ways off, and he asks how I’m doing and informs me that they don’t allow people to take pictures in the mall. I asked why, he mentioned privacy concerns and that stores don’t want people coming in and stealing their designs. That sounded kinda off to me, but I asked him why there were no signs posted advising people of this since camera phones are rather ubiquitous and there’s an awful lot of tourist traffic and some of the kiosks IN the mall sell camera phones. His response was priceless: “Well we don’t put up signs to tell people No Running, No Jumping off the Ledges and No Killing People either, but you’d expect that those things aren’t allowed either.” I looked at this man like he had lost his fool mind and asked him if he really thought taking a picture with my phone ranked right up there with killing someone.

He was giving me more of a headache and it seemed that he hadn’t quite expected to have this long a conversation so I let him off the hook. And while I sat there for the rest of the time, I observed plenty of other tourists taking photos with video cameras, cell phones and digital cameras in plain view of security guards. Only difference was those people were white. I already wasn’t much of a fan of that mall but I doubt I’ll be heading back there anytime soon unless absolutely necessary. There are other Apple Stores in the area should I need to go again. I ponder writing a letter to Simon, but I dunno if there’d be any point.

Anyway, I headed back to the Apple Store and proceeded to sit for another few hours while they tried the same things over again and then something else, none of which I could hear over the cacophony in the store but eventually my problem was fixed and they didn’t charge me a thing, which was rather unexpected but I was satisfied. All in all, a good day and I am feeling a bit better though I could use a bit more sleep. I want to be well enough to hit brunch tomorrow.

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