T.G.I. friggin’ F!

I’m so very glad it’s Friday and the weekend is here, I’m also glad that there’s been no new major shocking news released in the world as I’m still raw from the NSA thing. And now to see the results of a Washington Post/ABC News poll finding that most people approve of how Bush is handling terrorism… however most also agree that the news media was right to have leaked the secret phone log monitoring program as well. I’m less angry with Bush and his administration and more angry with the telephone companies for getting all docile about releasing the records in the first damn place. But my biggest fear is that in another week, people will have forgotten all about it when something like the American Idol finalist/winner is about to be chosen. The other day in our building’s lobby I caught a glimpse of CNN Headline News, and the two women seated at the table were discussing the important issues. One looked across at the other and said in an excited voice, “So, where do we start, Brittney or American Idol?!” – I love the gritty and hard-hitting topics.

I’ve become a bit of a product sampling queen lately, free stuff galore, which also means stuff around the house, but I’m getting better. I got a Swiffer Duster in the mail a few weeks ago and I’m absolutely in LOVE with it, I definitely see myself holding onto this product. It made cleaning up a lot easier, since mostly I deal with dust around the electronics on a constant basis. And after getting the platform bed I also tend to notice it on the wood floor when I’m reading. So that’s goes in the win column.

A sample of Neutrogena Men’s Triple Protect Face Lotion SPF 20 arrived just Weds and I like it well enough. I’ve never really been concerned about sun damage to my face (even though I know I should be), but as far as soothing after razor-shaving, it delivers on that promise, and my skin definitely felt better after it, but not better than using Lancome products, however I’m certain Neutrogena is cheaper, so I’ll give it a pass for now, and see if I don’t break out after using it for a few weeks.Pitfall

The first two copies of a free subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly showed up and these didn’t grab me at all. I suppose that if I were a more rabid console gamer this would apply more to me but the articles just weren’t very interesting, the previews were cool… if I had a console system to play them on. And the fold-out removable poster of Lara Croft isn’t gonna win them any fans in my house. She’s just Pitfall with jiggly boobs. Not that I mind jiggly parts in video games, just leave them to the women’s volleyball and female fighting characters. [[eyeroll]]

And since I couldn’t find anyone giving away internal hard drives, I did plunk down some change on a 500 gig internal for the media center pc. Between managing music and movies and recording the occasional tv show, the poor thing just can’t keep up with all the data. So that’ll give it a bit of a boost. Plus I’m thinking I need to break into the piggy bank a little more and get a dual-layer dvd writer, probably another LaCie like my last one. I’ve been archving old games that I still like to play, but hate having the cds around, so I burn the images, jot down the serial numbers and have about 4 or 5 discs to a dvd. With a dual layer I could double that. Less clutter = a good thing. Plus I have a few things that I’ve grabbed from the net that probably will never air or go on sale here (like French and saunders x-mas specials) that I’d love to make homebrewed dvds from. Sadly every dvd creation program I’ve looked at has sent me into a fetal position from trying to figure it out, but hope springs eternal!

Not sure yet what’s up for the weekend, have a lot of options, nothing set in stone yet tho. I just hope we have nice weather!

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  1. Michael M says:

    I heard about this list of who has/has not been working with the NSA behind our backs

    I E-mailed our VoIP provider and asking if they’ve been working with the NSA.

    If you’re going to be at Fritters tomorrow night, we can discuss potentially meeting up Sunday (Fritter wants to join us at the festival as well), provided the weather is good.

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