Williams Endorses Cropp

From today’s Express: Williams Endorses Cropp for Mayor

Williams said he and Cropp, both Democrats, have worked closely to encourage the redevelopment of dilapidated and crime-ridden neighborhoods. In Columbia Heights, a Giant supermarket has recently opened and a Target department store is planned.

“These businesses create jobs for residents in this neighborhood and provide badly needed services,” said Cropp, who eagerly accepted the mayor’s endorsement.

Yes.. I’m sure they do. Unfortunately the people who will be willing to work in those jobs soon won’t be able to afford to live in the neighborhoods those jobs “revitalized” due to your redevelopment.

Sadly a new Target, Giant, Best Buy and Washington Sports Club won’t mean shit to me when I have to move to Fredericksburg to afford a place to live.

Hurrah for gentrification…

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