Befriending a bartender can be hazardous to your health

Well this explains why rum & diet coke whoops my ass everytime.

I met up with Jenifer () at Ella’s last night, and we were soon joined by Jhim () for their happy hour. Sangria and free pizza (though the free pizza was a little slow last night) for a good while, and it was nice to catch up with Jhim in one of the rare moments he’s both in town and free to hang out. In one of our earlier visits to Ella’s, Jenifer and I managed to really become buddies with the bartender Mike, who from then on has “taken care of us.” So we pretty much always have a good time there, tho Jenifer is now forbidden from telling just any ol’ guy to ask me for my phone number. The lighting in Ella’s can be extremely forgiving.

Art Walk in Washington, DC After many glasses of sangria and a few bites of pizza, Jenifer headed home and Jhim and I walked around in search of an elusive, but specific type of merchant which we never ended up finding but did have a good walk around downtown. We even saw the new Art Walk they put up in the parking lot where the old Convention Center was. It was cool, but still kinda looks like a fancy bus shelter.

I’m enjoying the alternating “on/off” nights this week, it gives me a good balance of being able to see and hang out with people while giving me my downtime too. Aside from seeing X3 on Friday, and a shopping excursion (Jenifer’s stamina permitting) I don’t have any real weekend plans, so if anyone’s up to something let me know!

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