Wake up!

Yoinked from . Last night in Gore’s movie he talked about how many scientific papers could refute global warming versus the percentage of articles in the popular press that did it. It was quite a misbalance, and even today, these two outlets are printing the exact same AP story.

CNN Headline: Study: Earth ‘likely’ hottest in 2,000 years
Yahoo News: Study says Earth’s temp at 400-year high
And a Google News Search on the same story.

I can’t report on Washington Post or NY Times as it doesn’t seem to have hit their notice just yet. Still, just a small edit on the headline and the addition of one word that, while it does appear in the article, is hardly the intent. And a study saying the planet is hot in recent years, becomes a study that the planet is likely its hottest in 2 millenia. *grrrrr

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